M.J. Carter believes that the best products are created simply with true craftsmanship, by focusing on quality, passion and skill. By adhering genuinely to those three factors, it is impossible to be overruled by any product of mass production.

M.J. Carter believes that a good look is more than just a combination of products. Behind each thread of each individual piece there is a story where it originates from and is the foundation in which the consumer will create their own. Not only does it represent where it came from and the values that the artisan’s contribute, but it acts as a stepping stone for each individual to live their version of the story. It essentially allows collaboration of the producer, and the consumer.

Focusing on the shoe itself, the material M.J. Carter uses is the finest leather from Italian Tanneries. By believing in the motto of wearing a product that truly stands for something. The products that M.J. Carter supplies are made with environmental and social responsibility. By doing so, M.J. Carter can ensure that not only you are wearing and representing the finest of quality, but you can also do your part in contributing to making the world a little bit better, one step at a time.

For the case of M.J. Carter, every shoe is made with passion and goes from the hand of one skilled artisan to another. The dedication, passion, and quality stitched between each fiber of the products by M.J. Carter is how we see the ultimate product arise. A simple, beautiful design that defines class.


M.J. Carter is a fox with the ability to rapidly see through situations. With his subtle intelligence, he sees many ways where others see only one and he uses this versatility to his advantage.
The fox is seen as a sympathetic figure who always shows up like a gentleman.
M.J. Carter’s curious mindset gets him to breathtaking locations all over the world.