M.J. Carter takes high quality and luxury from Italian style, to make a beautiful, and distinguished product out of the classic British loafer. Introducing in a slightly new way, while grasping on to the traditionally loved, is the M.J. Carter, rooting from the area of Le Marche. The heart of Italy. Known for its eye for detail and desire for the finer things, in these lands, the air breathes passion for the quality of handmade leather.

What better way to represent that than in a beautiful loafer? The small villages in this quaint area combine not only their history and impeccable fashion sense, but also their diverse expertise, to create nothing but the most excellent quality and design. Observed in the pictures below is the quality, passion, and the skill from these artisans themselves. These three elements will result in a unique hand made product delivered just for you. The final artist? That is each individual and the way that they incorporate this loafer into their own style.

The first step is sourcing leather, rubber and other textiles from the finest Italian tanneries and textile manufacturers. Materials such as cotton can be used to reinforce the leather, providing increased strength and breathability.

“Clicking” is the traditional name for the process of leather hand cutting. It comes from the sound of knives cutting through brass-bound pattern. During the process, the clicking artisan cuts all the leather pieces necessary to make the linings and the upper part.

The completed uppers are dispatched to the “making room” where they are combined with the last and the leather insole. After the insole has been attached to the wooden last, the upper is pulled over the last by hand and attached to the insole to complete the shape-and-fit process and create a “lasted shoe”.

The experienced hands of a finishing artisan addresses any remaining imperfections whilst finishing the assembled shoe.

A final step is the quality inspection performed by QC specialists before placing them into professional shoe packaging. Only the finest crafted shoes reach the end of this meticulous process.